Taylor Lautner Dumps Ex for Selena Gomez

"Twilight" stud muffin Taylor Lautner is one of the most eligible bachelors, yet he seems to be having girlfriend woes. Sources report that Taylor sent his high school sweetheart Sara Hicks packing once he starting hanging with Selena Gomez in Vancouver.

According to Celebrity Gossip,

Selena said she wouldn’t hang with him unless he was single, so he broke up with his high school girlfriend Sara Hicks.

But after a couple of months together, Selena confided to him that she had a thing for his costar Robert Pattinson — and shocked Taylor by asking if he would put in a good word for her! Taylor and Rob are close friends, but it’s got to sting Taylor that Rob’s the guy the girls are chasing. Sadly, no one seems to notice Taylor. He’s incredibly buffed and great looking. But girls are so busy lusting after Rob that they overlook Taylor.”

What do you think about Taylor's singleness? Is he really having girl trouble?

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"Eclipse" Filming Begins August 17

According to Production Weekly, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is scheduled to begin filming on August 17 - October 31 at Vancouver Film Studios. This has not been confirmed by Summit, but it gives you an idea of when Taylor Lautner and the rest of the Twilight cast will be in Vancouver, Canada.

Taylor Lautner Dodger Outing

Cutie pie Taylor Lautner and 5 of his friends were spotted in the front row of a Los Angeles Dodgers game on Monday, June 29. An onlooker reports,

“He was really nice when these young girls came over, signing autographs and posing for photos with them. He was totally nice.”

Maybe Taylor felt bad about his lockdown at the 2009 Vision Awards. I doubt it was his idea to have zero interaction with fans on Saturday night. Just make sure to catch Taylor Lautner when his publicist is not around!

Source: Radar Online

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Taylor Lautner Pictures: 2009 Vision Awards

Taylor Lautner looks stunning in his suit and tie at the 2009 Vision Awards Benefit. Taylor and Twilight co-star Ashley Greene presented the Film of Vision award to Twilight producers on June 27, 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA.

Christian Serratos, Billy Burke and Gil Birmingham also attended the event.

Pictures are available in the Vision Awards 2009 gallery.

Taylor Lautner Lockdown at Vision Awards

Taylor Lautner was on a major lockdown at the 2009 Vision Awards Benefit this past weekend on June 27, 2009. Taylor looked amazing in his suit and tie, but was not allowed to grace fans with his hotness at the event.

So why was Taytay on lockdown you ask? I'm assuming his publicist has a good reason for not allowing Taylor Lautner to walk the red carpet, give any interviews, take pictures with fans, or sign autographs. This is not the first time I've heard that Taylor's publicist gives fans the cold shoulder.Read more

Vision Awards Lockdown

New Elite Affiliate: Spunk Ransom

Taylor Lautner Daily has added a new elite affiliate Spunk-Ransom.com! They have tons of Robert Pattinson pictures, so make sure to pay them a visit.

Reminder: Taylor Lautner Red Carpet 5pm PT

LA residents—you still have a chance to see Taylor Lautner and other "Twilight" stars walk the red carpet at the 2009 Vision Awards Benefit today! The event officially begins at 4:30 pm PT, with the red carpet arrivals starting at 5.

Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke and Gil Birmingham are all expected to appear, with Taylor and Ashley presenting the Film of Vision Award to "Twilight" producers.

If you've learned anything from my How to Meet Taylor Lautner article, you will get your *ss to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel at 9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 ASAP!Read more

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Taylor Lautner Poster: Sexy Stars of Twilight

KelleeexAnn, a fellow Taylor Lautner fan, asked me about the gorgeous poster of Taylor that's inside the "Sexy Stars of Twilight" limited-edition magazine. My scanner isn't working, so a photograph is the best I can do. You likey?

This picture can also be found in the Taylor Lautner Poster gallery.

Find Taylor Lautner's Dad

Taylor Lautner, with his "family" in tow, cruised the streets of Yorkville in Toronto this past weekend. Taylor was presenting at the Much Music Video Awards, yet he appears to be alone in all of his pictures. I suppose most of us only care about Taylor... DUH. Nevertheless, I'm going to show you the photos that other sites don't care to publish.

Here are a few solo pictures of Taylor Lautner since one can never have enough of those. I've also added a couple of pictures with Taylor's dad off to the side (hint: he's in the yellow polo). Can you find him?

More full-size pictures of Taylor Lautner in the Strolling in Toronto gallery.

OMG: Ask Taylor Lautner!

Do you have burning questions for Taylor Lautner? Or "Twilight" stars Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke or Gil Birmingham? Here is your chance to get those questions answered!

OMG Celebrity News! will be attending the 2009 Vision Awards Benefit on Saturday, June 27, where "Twilight" and its producers will be awarded this year's Film of Vision Award. Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene are presenters, and the rest of the said cast will be attending.

Please send your questions for the actors to info@omgcelebritynews.com. OMG Celebrity will also be twittering live from the event, and you can follow them @ohemgeeceleb.

This benefit is open to the public and tickets may still be available. For more information visit OMG Celebrity News!.

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