Pick Up "The Sexy Stars of Twilight"

"The Sexy Stars of Twilight" magazine is on newsstands now!!! This Twilight collector's edition from Us Weekly is totally HOT! I moseyed over to my local Barnes & Noble to pick up 2 pristine copies—one for me and one for you (in a future giveaway with some other cool stuff so stay tuned).

The magazine is printed on thicker paper stock compared to regular magazines and more importantly, includes 7 large posters. There is 1 sexy poster of our favorite werewolf Taylor Lautner, 4 steamy posters of Robert Pattinson, 1 couple poster of Kristen Stewart and RPattz, and 1 group poster of Taylor, Rob, Kirsten, Rachelle Lefevre and Cam Gigandet.

By the way, this mag is $9.99. Pretty steep for just a magazine, but worth every penny. Have you picked up your copy yet?

Sexy Stars of Twilight Magazine Cover

Audition Alert: Open Casting Call for Twilight Eclipse

Update: June 24, 2009

Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga, is having an open casting for the roles of Seth and Leah Clearwater. If chosen you could be rubbing elbows with Twilight stars Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! O-M-F-G!

The audition process is easy peasy. Visit the Eclipse Open Call website and select a role, download the audition scene, tape it, and submit it to ActorCast by June 30, 2009. If your audition is deemed worthy, you will be contacted by July 10th. Make sure to read the casting FAQs as well.

Wait! That's not all—Vancouver residents are in luck. Aikins/Cossey Casting is auditioning roles for Riley, Maria, Bree and Royce King II. Rene Hayes Casting in Burbank, CA is casting for additional members of the La Push wolf pack and Quileute tribe.

Detailed casting information is available at Acting 411.

Break a leg future Twilight Eclipse star!


Taylor Lautner Fan Frenzy

Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner caused quite a stir when he appeared on stage to present Nickelback at the 2009 MMVAs. I watched the show live online, and fans couldn't wait for his appearance. There was a live Twitter feed and every third tweet was, "Where's Taylor...I want to see Taylor...I love Taylor..."

For those of you who missed the show, you can watch Taylor present Nickelback here.

Additional full-size pictures of Taylor Lautner have been added to the Much Music Video Awards 2009 gallery.

Cheek to Cheek: Taylor Lautner with Fans

Taylor Lautner was easily the most anticipated Twilight star to walk the red carpet at the Much Music Video Awards this past Sunday, June 21. Fans cozied up to Taylor as he greeted them, taking a moment to sign autographs and take pictures.

Taylor has mentioned in past interviews that he'll go the extra mile to sign autographs for fans, especially when they've been waiting for hours to see him. Isn't he the biggest sweetheart?

New pictures of Taylor Lautner arriving at the MMVAs in the Much Music Video Awards 2009 gallery.

Taylor Lautner and Perez Hilton Hang

Notorious blogger Perez Hilton and hottie Taylor Lautner strike a pose together in the Much Music VIP room on Sunday, June 21. Perez was very happy to meet Taylor and thought it was "super dooper cool!" Taylor doesn't look as happy. HA!

No Love For Taylor Lautner?

A Taylor Lautner fan wrote Ted Casablanca, the columnist for E! Online's The Awful Truth, and asked,

Dear Ted:
What is happening with Taylor Lautner and the wolf pack? We know every wrinkle in Robsten's hair, but no shout-outs to Taylor and the almost romance with Selena?

I've been asking myself the same question... Why isn't there more Taylor news? Well, here's our answer.Read more

Taylor Shirtless Fan Poster Sm

Taylor Lautner and Rachelle Lefevre Love Us

Twilight stars Taylor Lautner and Rachelle Lefevre show love for their fans by signing autographs and taking pictures. Taylor flashes his gorgeous smile for the camera and seems to be enjoying his time in Toronto on June 20, 2009.

Taylor and Rachelle both presented at the Much Music Awards last night. Rachelle also spent part of the weekend filming her new movie "Casino Jack" with Kevin Spacey.

See full-size pictures of Taylor Lautner and Rachelle in the Taylor and Rachelle Love Fans gallery.

Taylor Lautner Pictures at MMVAs

New pictures of Taylor Lautner arriving on the red carpet at the Much Music Video Awards on June 21, 2009. He takes a moment to pose with fans and sign autographs. What a sweetheart!

Full-size pictures of Taylor Lautner in the Much Music Video Awards 2009 gallery.

Taylor Lautner Arrival at the MMVAs 2009

Taylor Lautner arrives on the red carpet at the Much Music Video Awards on June 21, 2009. Check out these new pictures of his arrival!

Btw - The show is airing live right now and Taylor has not presented yet. It's not too late to watch him online via Pepsi Backstage Live. UPDATE: Taylor already presented!

Taylor Lautner Strolling in Toronto

Taylor Lautner takes a stroll in Toronto on June 20, the day before for his scheduled appearance at the Much Music Video Awards. Taylor and his Twilight co-star Rachelle LeFevre will be presenting at tonight's event, which is hosted by the Jonas Brothers.

Taylor makes a pit stop at Summer's Ice Cream Shop for a little treat while strolling around town with his family. Dressed in a black leather jacket, black hooded shirt and jeans, he flashes his winning smile at the paparazzi. A very happy fan also gets to shake his hand!

I can't wait to see him live tonight via Pepsi Presents MMVAs Backstage Live.

Pictures of Taylor Lautner have been added to the Strolling in Toronto gallery.

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