Countdown Until Taylor Lautner is Legal

For those of us who love Taylor Lautner, but are a little concerned about him being 17 years young, here's a countdown until Taylor is legal! 223 days doesn't seem THAT long, does it?

If you want more skins, post your suggestion in the comments section. :)



LOL!!! You ACTUALLY did it!! I LOVE you!! that is soooo awesome!! i really really think it rocks! im gonna go look through some for suggestions! i wish i could just make you one! these look so good though! really awesome!! i'm IMPRESSED! ;)

I quite like two of his VMAN outtakes pics (in ur gallery) o5, and 13... hmmm? ;)

Can I just tell you I LOVE YOU for making these.. haha.. but now the sad realization that its over 200 days till he is legal....makes me go :( HAHA

LOL! are you also of the "already legal for some time" Club!!???

haha... his bday is on febrary.. isn't it'?? he is aquariuos ,,, AS MEE!! (L)

But MAN, Oh man, seeing those seconds slowly ticking by may actually depress some women! (those ladies whom however unrealistically wish to cling to the fantasy of getting with the younger lad)... [unlike myself of course] - this should at least keep them temporarily in check...(for 223 more least)
Are you gonna embed it on ur page??

Yes, I probably should embed this countdown on my site. Who needs a countdown to New Moon when we have this countdown! I'll create more skins and a special download page after I get back from Twicon.

Yay!! u must enjoy it AS MUCH as possible so i can live vicariously thru ur related experiences!! i wanna hear (and see) it all when ur done!!! HAV FUN!!

haha countdown to my birthday too thanks!!!!!

haha countdown to my birthday too thanks!!!!!

omg its almost his bday AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i hope he has a huge celebration I LOVE TAYLOR <<3

well i don't have to worry about that :-)

lol I dont have to worry about that-im not older than him!

^Lucky girls you.. I'm 21... Taylor is like the forbidden fruit to me.. LMAO! But not for long!!! XD

haha this is funny:D!
im exactly 1 year and 14 days younger than him:]

im not older than him so im not worrying im actually worrying about him getting too old for me XPPP a girl can dream.. xP
i <3 taylor!

oh taylor!!! dont be legal!!! then we cant date!!!! :( :( :(

Did you know that this countdown made Entertainment Weekly magazine? Page 64 8.7.09 issue.

lmfao I'm 17, a 92-er like him so I don't have to worry about any of that, but I'm tempted to take the countdown anyway its sexy haha.

my ipod says there are only 194 days until he's 18...not 221

On the day I posted the countdown, there were 221 days. The number will decrease each day that passes!

I agree...the countdown is off. His birthday is Feb 11. Your countdown shows he has 147 days left, and he actually has 120. Cute countdown...I'd love to post it on my blog. Can you please fix it so it's accurate?

this is awesome! and i'm younger than him by exactly ONE month i just realized! my bday is march 11th, and his is february! yay! thank you!!

hahaha you guys are purves LOL! just kidding!
He's Aquarius like me!!

I always check this post haha... really It's my favorite, cause the only thing I know I have in common whit him is the horoscope, his birtthhday is 11 days after mine haha, but he is three years older than me, what a petty!! haha

Say, What! I can't believe that this exist. This is so..... So when is his

In regard to older women lusting after call it being a cougar, but I call it pedophilia.

This clock is WRONG. Just's off by 28 days...

The countdown is unnecessary here, i'm english, He's already legal!! :-) lol

he's aquarious like me :) his bday is 12 days after mine :D

Woo-Hoo! Merry Christmas To Me!

Woo-Hoo! Merry Christmas To Me!

Woo-hoo! Merry Christmas to me!

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