Qualities Taylor Lautner Likes in a Girl

Do you have what it takes to become Taylor’s next girlfriend or the future Mrs. Taylor Lautner? Let’s take a closer look at the qualities he finds attractive in a girl.

Be a brunette?

Taylor has a thing for brunettes. Confession—I haven’t found a statement where Taylor explicitly says that he prefers brunettes, so let’s review how I came to this conclusion. Taylor's ex-girlfriend is Sara Hicks. Here is a picture of them having fun in front of the camera. Brunette? Check.

He has been romantically linked to Disney starlet Selena Gomez. Brunette? Add another check.

His celebrity crushes are Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. Check and check.

Our brunette check is 4 out of 4. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Taylor likes brunettes. But don’t fret pretty blonde ladies, this doesn’t mean that he would never date a blonde. After all, looks aren’t everything right?

Update NOV 09: Hold up. Wait a minute. Taylor has been spotted around town several times with his "Valentine's Day" co-star Taylor Swift, who is a very pretty blond. It's time to toss this brunette theory out the window.

That being said, let’s move on to the personality traits Taylor Lautner finds attractive.


Be a dork

He likes girls who can be silly and ridiculous sometimes. Hence, a dork.


Have fun

Who doesn’t like a girl who is fun to be around? Taylor doesn’t want to hang out with a party pooper.


Don't be uptight

There’s no need to be tense and reserved around Taylor. He likes girls who can “open up and be free.”


Be yourself

Taylor is interested in a girl who can be herself and doesn't try to be someone different.


How do you measure up? Do you think you can be Taylor’s next girlfriend?

Sources: Popstar, Metro News



well from the sounds of it poor taylor has had some dissapointing experiences with brunettes so maybe he should try blondes =]]] but i think he would look hunk-a-lious with anyone

I'm a brunette. I have been told I'm a dork and am fun to be around so hopefully we have a chance. (I know I keep saying that but It may happen. lol)

I agree! H hasn't been picking the right brunettes. I'm a brunette, I'm silly, fun, and myself. So I think I fit the bill. Like some of the other brunettes out there. ツ

how do u do that smiley face thingy? lol

anyway, 2 bad im not a brunette...my hair is black:( but i have a check on all the other things so now theres just the age difference....:(

dnt worry like he said in new moon and i quote ( age is just a number baby)
so im stcken by that

good one. I'm blonde, but as they say who cares? the thing is.. Tay-Tay is so famous even if u are able to date him...it will be nearly impossible to be alone and away from the media

The smiley face? I copied and pasted. lol.

omg i know right same here ugh i love him! he is such a hottie(; and he is everything a girl could ever want i mean . how many guys can you meet that just wants to find that perfect someone. he is just so perfect<3

I have the same problem 2. There is a bit of an age diffrents. I hope he will lyk sum1 thats justa bit younger. Im also very dorky my step dad always sayz dat I hve an iq of a chocolate fish. LolZ. I always act lyk myslf. And I can't live without sports! Im sure that Taylor nd myself would be perfect 4 eachother. I am small but I hve a big heart!!!

If me and taylor ever got to meet each other it woould be love at first sight. He is perfect for me and i am perfect for him! If only we met... I am everything he wants in a girl. Smart, funny, outgoing,pretty(so i`ve been told),and im a total SPAZ!! But when need be i can be regular.

Oh yeah im also reeeeeeaaaaallllyyyy fun funny :P

it doesnt matter what color hair u have or what style u wear just be yourself and be a good person and stop pounding taylor about dating let him chose him on his own if u believe then he could chose u just try harder and again be yourself

it doesnt matter what color hair u have or what style u wear just be yourself and be a good person and stop pounding taylor about dating let him chose him on his own if u believe then he could chose u just try harder and again be yourself

yea im brunette two and i have a check on all those things so in your face

SAME HERE i am burnette and i have all those qualities!!

shut up prep..... leave him alone stupid......

i agree (: i mean who wouldnt wanna be with him he is so sexy! i hope we have a chance lol iv made so many coments already but i just loves youuu taylor(:!

hey dont u dare get caut
flirting with my oooooooochi cuchi cuchicooooooo grandsonny cause im gonna kick ur as* nd rub ur face wit s***.

ps:my grandsonny wet's his bed ven he'z asleep

Yerr he should certainly try blondes. Blondes have more fun lol

uhh thats not true sorry but it is proven that brunettes have more sensibilitie and more funn

ha i agree lol blondes are not more fun brunettes are

omg heyyy i am a blonde that is sooo unfair i am such a dork :P seriously, i can prove my blondeness a.k.a stupidness wiv one sentence. :P i think he wud look cute wiv a blonde. but not taylor swift - she's a bit too old for him lolz - almost 3 years yukk lolz :P still i think he wud look cute wiv a blonde mayb me? lv u taylor x :P

i think he should stick with brunettes...but i have no problem with blondes..haha..and you are right he would look cute with a blonde but also a brunette works just as well:) maybe even better..either way..i love you taylor!!

Why do you guys care?? THERE IS a one in a million chance he'll pick you I have strawberry blonde hair and I like taylor to i think he is very handsome,and sweet, I believe he cares about everyone and most things all in all he seems like my ideal guy I think its adorable that he doesnt think hes funny and he thinks hes a dork. I would wish he'd pick me but prob will nevere happen all in all he wants a regular person that doesnt act crazy with him or like a fan or calls him Jacob by accident. The point is you have to love someone for who they are not because hes 'hot' or smokin or famous but love him for him thats the point. If I were him thats what I would want and do want just like anyother person. THANK YOU TAYLOR FOR BEING AN AMAZING ACTOR AND CARING ABOUT YOUR FANS!!!

back off brunettes i'm a blonde and its true blondes have so much more fun besides brunettes are dull blondes have flaver so back off im sick of all u guys taking all the glory so shut up

heck ya true that!

i no huh?not alot of guys like blonds they mostly like brunettes :)

well, if brunettes have more "sensibilitie" than blondes, then how come a blonde girl can spell "sensibility" correctly?

By the end of the day, I would like to see who he chooses.. His prefrences may vary with time. Hopefully it does not as most of the girls fit the bill.

Blondes also have more skin cancer... I'm brunette : )

sadly,although i am a brunette, he is after taylor swift so...maybe yes to blondess

taylor swift and him r juss friends
hes after selena gomez they liek each otehr but cant be tog at the mommnet cus tehri too busy wid oterh tingz

Actually he was seen with Taylor Swift. And she's blonde. Although it's awesome cause Imma brunette.

"You’re monopolizing the bride. Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush." -<33Emmett Cullen<33

he was seen wid her
tehri juss friends chyll
i dun understand y ppl have to make up things juss cus they were seen tog dosnt mean tehri goin out or they have things for each otehr
k their just liek normal ppl
if i talk to a guy dosnt mean i have feelings for them

Lol, Yes Brunettes have broken his heart!!! He Shuld Start Dating Blonds... He Is Dating A Blond.. YES! IM BLOND!

omg he is so effin hot he like turns me on. if he came 2 my house i would like die of HEATstroke
i got black hair
still think he could be into me? im into him

i think he really does like blonds bc of taylor swift:)

big fans


i think he really does like blonds bc of taylor swift:)

big fans


i agree he should try brunettes and hope he hasnt gone out with taylor swift and if he has thats one check for blondes

im sure that under buff eight pack and lushious hair there is a really nice and kind person so i dont think taylor is that fussy on wich colour hair some 1 has for 1 he has been hangin out with blondes and brunettes and he is so fit i think any1 who has seen him personally is a very lucky person i wish i could meet him i would faint !!!!!

Guys listen, you guys are all proble lovely girls and he would proble luv the chance to date all of you but he cant but what i am saying is you shouldnt be apset if he says he likes sertain things or sertain types of ppl because when it comes down to it, He dosnt actually know you and im not sayin it badly im sayin he might like the certain things you do and the certain ways you act the way you do it. Maybe he dosnt like it when certain girls arnt dorky. But maybe if your not dorky he likes you all the same... im not trying to bash what you guys think or this website im just saying thnk about it.

p.s. Even though this gose passed everything i just said i have all thoughs traits

He likes brunette's because, they are A) Hotter, B) Not dumb,HAHAHAHHAHA. dumb blonde , he's mine,

o gash evefryone on here is terrible sure he has great abs but I bet he is uptight a nd a wussie

Thank goodness. Because I'm a brunette.

so does tht mean red heads are out of the question??
man red heads always kick to the curb!

Hahaha I think red heads are hott thank you very much like Jean from X man or Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, I'm like Taylor and tend to have more of a subconsious pull to brunettes, maybe cuz I am a brunette too, but red heads are cute too.


hey i think red hair is pretty......i dont know why people never talk about red heads.....

my hair is like redish brown. like bella's. like im not tryin to make myself compare to her. JTLYK. Ive been compared to Renesmee? idk. this random chick just walked up to me and said "you look like renesmee charlie cullen" and walked away. umm, strange. but, sadly. since im a total twilight freak i know who and how she is described in the book... i cant wait to see who plays her! :)

Tell me about it.

was about to ask the same question redheads rarely get love. its cool though red heads might just have it all. they can be levelheaded but at the same time they are crazy enough to be a blast