Confirmed: Taylor Lautner Will Attend Comic-Con 2009

TL Daily has confirmed that Taylor Lautner will be attending Comic-Con International 2009 in San Diego!!! We contacted his publicist directly and spoke with Annick, and she confirmed that Taylor will attend Comic-con, pending scheduling conflicts.

Do you have a ticket to Comic-con? Four day and single day tickets are completely sold out. If you can get yourself a ticket somehow, you will see Taylor!

Spunk-Ransom and Ted Casablanca from E! Online have also confirmed that Twilight hotties Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be there.

For more information visit Comic-con.

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LOVE IT except for the fact that I live in Canada....gawd damn....

The entire cast will be in Canada filming Eclipse from Aug-Oct. I wish I lived in Canada! Or Los Angeles!

same and too bad he can't come to ottawa when i am visiting up there

Who's Annick? Isn't Evelyn Karamanos, Taylor's publicist?

Annick is Evelyn's assistant.

Yesss (:!!
I'm going and was waiting for the confirmation. Can't wait!

=( you r so lucky! *tear drop* I wanna see The Twilight cast! Oh man...

Does anyone know if he will be there just the one day or will he be there promoting all 4 days? I have a ticket for the Thursday New Moon panel but will be trying to win the comicon official passes they auction off every day.

I wish more than anything in the world right now that i could go to comic-con. Oh, btw, i made that new video for you, but its sound got REMOVED!!! *sob* i've swopped it out for some other lame song, but its totally ruined, so.... im working on another solution...

Aww you guys are so lucky :)
Wish Taylor & Rob could pop down under to Australia haha

Taylor -Love you

:( I dont have comic con tickets. Plus I freakin live far from it!

i feel ur pain, i live far away from him too!!!!!! it sucks!!!!! :(

Hi Taylor! this is Cynthia and I wanted 2 tell u that I really like u

Taylor Lautner is awesome! I am so peeved that I couldn't make it to Comic-Con to see her. Arrrrrrrghhh!!! Somebody hire some San Diego movers to bring her and her posse by my house.

Do any of you happen to know if Taylor is going to Comicon 2010? I would go just to see him :)

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! I'm live in Brazil but the Taylor it's a most perfect actor in the world!
Today, I watching New Monn, Lua Nova at Brazil!!!!
It's perfect!! Taylor is perfect, and I love him!!!
PS. I'm studing english because my english is horrible!!
but i love taylor!! S2

i just would like to know how to get tickets so i can go there which seems like a nice place and so i can meet taylor lautner.