Big Update: "New Moon" Premiere in Knoxville

Update 09/15/09: Official details for the "New Moon" premiere in Knoxville have been announced.

TL Daily has received new information regarding the "New Moon" premiere in Knoxville, TN. Here is the email we received from the Knoxville News Sentinal:

It appears that it could be as late as mid-September before the date of the premiere and the list of participating cast members will be released.

There probably will be some 100 to 200 tickets sold to the general public for the screening. (That number could increase if any of the sponsors return tickets to the organizers). They are expecting tens of thousands of fans to vie for these tickets, so it’s a very competitive situation. Although they have sold such tickets for previous premieres at the Pinnacle 18 box office, the demand for "New Moon" tickets has the premiere organizers searching for a more orderly means of distribution. (They want to avoid having thousands of fans camping out at the theater.) Although this is not confirmed, one possible means will be a drawing. In this scenario, fans would be able to register their names at a Knoxville Regal theater (either the Pinnacle 18 or perhaps any Regal theater in town) for about a week, perhaps in October. Regal/Variety would then draw names and sell the public tickets to those fans whose names were drawn.

More details on the distribution will be ironed out and released in August, though it will likely be some time after that announcement before they register names for a drawing and set the process in motion.

The organizers intend to keep the price of the public tickets limited to $100 or less per ticket.

Those who have been supporters of Variety over the years will have the option to buy some 400 additional tickets, and another 800 tickets will be available to sponsors. In all probability, those who have sponsored previous premieres will get first crack on sponsorship packages. For information on obtaining a sponsorship package, call Variety at 865-925-9906.

Meanwhile, we will update information as we get it on and in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Is this good or bad news? Will you be more or less likely to vie for tickets?

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Ugh! They better still be selling tickets at the theater though! I'm gonna be PISSED if I don't get to go! It should be a first-come, first-serve deal. I understand them not wanting a crap ton of people camping out but buddy let me tell you something. I'm not gonna be a very happy person if I don't get my hands on one of those tickets. I will camp out 5 days before if I have to! I MUST GET IN!!!

if they are going to lottery off the tickets available to general public then it should be an oline entry so those of us who do not live in the area can still have a chance. If I could get a ticket I would certainly be able to go.


Yes I agree because I live about 3 hours away and would like an opportunity to win some tickets, thanks.

I think people are missunderstanding what this says... it says "sign up AT the theatre" for the drawing... people are talking about flying in and stuff, you will still have to be AT the pen. 18 in turkey creek @ knoxville to put your name in the drawing. I too was planning on camping, but with just a few hundred people being able to get tickets , a campout situation would just cause trouble, could you imagine if someone held 1 place in line in front of you for someone and they were #200.. you would be pissed!! I don't know about a drawing, but they do need to do somehting, and not sell them online, this was supposed to be something for this community to be able to help the childrens hospital, and give us something to be proud of, not something for people to fight over online... def. think they should be locally sold.

i completely agree. the owner of the pinnacle did this to raise money in our community, so there should be no question that we, as local residents, should have first dibs. after all this charity is for our children's hospital. i mean,if the premiere was in a different state how would others from that state feel if a bunch of us from knoxville got the tickets. they wouldnt be very happy. as for the drawing of names, i dont really know what to say about that. it would make since just to do it first come first serve, but at the same time the drawing of tickets just makes it kinda luck. and you know who ever gets it is gonna be super excited. but yeah, the tickets should totally only be sold locally...thats the only way its going to be fair.

yes, i also heard that one of the sponsors is the big radio station here, and that they will be giving out 25 SETS of tickets from their promo pack, so start listening to the staions!!! i will have mine on 24/7!!!

do you know what station??

im with u on that! it totally should be 1st come 1st serve! thats totally not fair!

Check the knoxville news sentinel paper and it will give all of the updates
along with a phone number to call if you want to know more.

I'm not sure why they just like their papers to sale...

This seems VERY shady!! First of all, Variety hasn't updated their voicemail with this information. Secondly, if this information came from Knoxville News Sentinel, then why would they give the scoop to Taylor Lautner Daily and not themselves?? I seriously hope this isn't true. If it is, then Regal is taking a big step to say 'F U' to the fans!!

This information was given to TL Daily because we requested it and have been keeping in touch with the Knoxville News. We did this for the fans, so they can be updated as soon as new info is available. It's your choice to believe it or not, but this information is accurate as-of-date.

Can you tell me (privately) who at the Sentinel told you this? And why do you think they wouldn't post it themselves? Do you not think that's strange? (I'm seriously not being hateful to you about this- I know that's hard to tell by text- but I'm really, seriously curious.) Would you give your scoop to the Lexicon website, or would you keep it for yourselves? I just think it sounds very strange. And not even taking all that into account, what is your opinion on this? If it's true, I think I'll be a Carmike Cinemas girl from now on and tell Regal to jump off a cliff. I can't believe my hometown is doing this to the fans.

I've already notified the Lexicon and all the major Twilight sites about this update, and it's up to them whether or not they want to post it.

This premiere is a charitable event and the proceeds are going to charity, and I personally am willing to pay $100 and fly to Knoxville. In regards to a ticket drawing, I am not opposed to it and I think it will give everyone a fair chance at a ticket.

That being said, all this info is subject to change and is not final. My contact at the Knoxville News gave me (and others) this updated information as a courtesy. This is a very big deal for Knoxville, and they want this event to be successful. Everyone I have spoken to at Variety and the Knoxville News have been very nice and helpful. They are trying to please the fans and make it accessible to as many people as possible. The last thing they want is for people to be disappointed.

Are you upset about the ticket price or the drawing?

Feel free to email me if you like.

I am definitely not upset by the ticket price. I have already put $200 aside to buy my ticket. What I am opposed to is the fact that fans only get 100-200 tickets. 1200 tickets will go to sponsors??? If Regal/Variety/Summit/Whoever cared about the fans- then there would be more tickets available to the public. THAT is what I am upset about. I was under the impression that fans were important- but apparently they are more concerned with their sponsors and could care less for the fans. I also don't like the lottery idea simply because I do not win those things- therefore I have essentially been told I don't get to go. I already planned on camping out overnight to buy tickets (call me childish- whatever, but I've never done that for anything- so that's saying something for me, personally). How often does something like this come to Knoxville? Not.Very.Often.

I totally understand your reasons for being upset. Maybe they need to do something so Knoxville residents have a higher chance of winning a ticket, and something a little different for non-residents. If I lived in Knoxville, I would be disappointed if I felt like I had little chance of getting a ticket.

As for sponsors, it's a tough call... because the charity wouldn't exist without its sponsors. There's a fine line between making it a good fundraiser, satisfying the sponsors and the fans. Tough job!

If you feel very strongly about it, you can leave a voice mail for Variety after the taped message. They do check those messages, and someone will listen to it. Nothing is final yet, and Twilight fans have a history of persuasion!

I really do think they have good intentions, and they're trying to make everyone happy. That's why they're taking so long to work out the details. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

I definitely think the sponsors should get tickets and all- but I think there should be a more even distribution. Even 500 for the fans would be better. I just feel like that when they only alot 100 tickets out of maybe 1200-1500, then they are making a HUGE statement that they don't care about the fans. Anywho, I will definitely be calling Variety (they haven't updated their message with this new information yet) and the Sentinel. I just hope someone comes to their senses.

I reside in the Knoxville area. And I am a huge fan of the Twilight series. My brother told me about the premiere in Knoxville. He has offered to buy my ticket before leaving for Iraq. But he needs to know exactly what is going on. So are all the tickets going to be given this way? Or can people buy them? It would mean a great deal to me to know since he leaves Sept. 4th. I have nothing against what they think they are doing. I would just like to be able to tell my brother if the tickets are open for the public and if there is a good chance of me being able to go and take pics like he asked. Please respond through my email. Thank you.

i so agree 200 tickets to the public and 800 to sponsors give me a break!!! that is insane, they would get more money from the public if they did it correstly. and i was going to camp to but with only 200 tickets how long do they think the line would be? they are going to have some major crowd control problems, don't you think? i like you have started saving for tickets. but with my luck i have no chance in a lottery . what if you can enter as many times as you want. wouldn't that be a nightmare of mail pile or pile in a box whatever they plan on trying with that. i don't think they will let the camping out for tickets happen, because with only 200 or so tickets we would camp for days. did they not see the camp out at comic con and all those people weren't even there just for twilight. they better think and re-think what they are going to do here. it sounds a little like a storm is going to desend on knoxville if they aren't careful.

My sentiments exactly, wannacullen. I just don't see myself getting tickets anymore. I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up TOO high!! (Yeah right!!)

Aw, I feel bad that Knoxville residents are upset over this. I will pass the news along, and hopefully they'll do something about it.

That would be greatly appreciated. I personally know about 15 people who all planned on camping out together and I just can't imagine that any of us will be lucky enough to get tickets. And I doubt we'll get another chance to be thisclose again. lol

i like you had planned on camping out. sometimes that is just as fun as the event. but i don't think they are ready for a big crowd and with only a couple hundred tickets we would have to camp for days. i thought it would be fun to get tickets but like you i just feel like it isn't possible. all the hype i had built up in myself. thinking it would be a fun event and that i could get tickets were great, but dashed now. with all that the paper and variety is reporting i think it is a wash. and i think this will be the feeling of a lot of people. i know it is a charity event but corp. sponsors will be down with the economy and all. so they should maybe think about the fans who started saving as soon as we heard about it. the corps. will just say i can't afford that much this year.they should really think about the little guy. we make the world go round with our merger savings and like i said i thought it would be a great "thrill of the chase" to get tickets but........please 200 tickets sold in person only or maybe a lottery. i would have better chance winning 50.00 on a scratch off lottery ticket if i bought 100 of them(guessing that is the price or close) *L* so good luck to all that are going to brave it but i don't think i wanna be crushed, not just in spirit when i don't get tickets or in person when all the other people wanting tickets trample me*L*

Trust me, I know how you feel. I have no job right now. Have a college degree but can't find a job, so for me to say 'here's $200 for me to use for new moon' is a HUGE deal. Especially when it's my hubby who sent me the 1st note about the premiere and followed it up with- "You can go. You can spend the money." Then to be smacked back to reality saying- "yeah you wish." I think that's why I'm so frustrated because from the moment he said I could have the money- I knew it was too good to be true, but yet I got my hopes up anyway. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and when it did- it knocked me in the head!!! Anyways, I guess it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things- I'll still be at the midnight premiere. I guess that'll be good enough. Good luck to all who enter the lottery.

Hey cell_baby. I spoke with my source about your concerns and have some new info. Email me if you'd like to learn more. can you share that info with all???? And do you know how to get in the lottery????

will there be another other premires? i live in england and im really gutted i dont get the chance to see the stars :( x

My guess is there will be other premieres (including overseas) since their budget is much larger this year. Don't most big movies have international premieres as well?

well thats what i thought but ive been trying to research it and nothing as said there would be. Do you think its better to wait closer to the time. its not really about getting into the premiere its about seeing taylor haha

It's probably too early to find out anything right now.

yeah true true. well i know this is an american site but could you say if you do come across any info on premiere in england?

A little birdie told me there's a possibility of a London premiere. It hasn't been confirmed, but keep your fingers crossed.

Absolutely! I will report any information I find about him in the US or overseas. :)

Hey I live about an hr. and a half from knoxville and i REALLY want to go to the premeire(not alone right?) Wonder why they don't go through ticketmaster or Regal's website and sell them that way. It would still be a "first come first serve", but at the convienence of your computer.

I'm very glad that they aren't available online. If they were, they'd be purchased in 5 seconds, by someone 1000 miles away and then sold for thousands of dollars on ebay. Not that there won't be tons of scalpers vying for this tickets anywho. Did you see that scalpers were selling Michael Jackson memorial tickets they won in a lottery?? That's the 1 best thing about the premiere- tickets or registration or whatever only in person. Hopefully, that remains true.

Okay, so all of my friends were totally stoked about this premier. I mean we live in an oober small town outside of Knox. and this is the only chance we would ever have at seeing the stars of the Twilight series. Since we have never been to a premier or event anything like this, we were curious to know if we had to have a ticket just to stand outside the theater and see the stars, you know, like on the red carpet or something. We were really dissapointed when we found out the amount of tickets that were going to be sold to the public. There is no way we can get our hands on any of those tickets. I mean I understand their objective is to raise funds for a charitable cause, but still. This is the biggest thing to come to East TN in forever. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone living in the area and the fact that only 200 people get a chance to enjoy it seems a bit cruel. are the details set in stone now???? Are they REALLy only going to be a lottery of some type for 200 tickets?? I live in TN in the Lynchburg area and this is SOOOO close to home, yet so far out of our reach.....this sucks :(

see idk because it would be easier if they sold them online but then again it wouldn't because i can't always get on everyday and what if i didn't get one.that would be very very awful cause i have been obsessing about this since i heard about it and if i got to i wouldn't even know what to say i would just be so happy.

I for one am glad theyr doing this as a draw as im from england so it also gives me a chance to go to the screening. i would like to know how id be entered... i am actually planning a trip to the states for one reason and one reason only this premier!!! i think its great that the rest of the world are gettin a chance to attend. xxx P.S is there also going to be a premier in L.A??

i think knoxville has a bit more then it thought it was getting with this on taking. but i gotta somehow get tickets!!! i guess the lottery is the best way? i am not sure what else they can do. and when are they ever going to get a fb page up and going, i have called the recording a bunch*L* does anyone know when more info will be available? and does anyone know what the ticket count might be as of now?

im from knoxville, and i really really want to go. ive been talking about wanting to go to this thing ever since i read the article in the sentinel. i was so stoked to go. and with the pinnacle being so big (cause its like the biggest theater knoxville has) i was really thinking i was gonna get to go. but now, im not so sure. there's the whole thing about 'luck of the draw' tickets and then the so few number of actual tickets for the public. i know its a fundraiser for children's hospital and the sponsors bring the most money for that, but i still just wish there were more tickets for local residents especially. im turning 19 this november and getting to go the premiere would be the best birthday present EVER! i got my hopes up from the very beginning and their slowly crashing :(

i just wish there was some way a bunch of knoxville residents were guaranteed a ticket. without others taking them from us.

please update me if anything new comes out

the variety childrens "new moon hotline" has been updated. nothing really different, just says sumnmit has confirmed. but NOTHING about tickets. geeeezzee when will they let us know what to do, or better yet when to give up on getting tickets*L* seems it is going to be impossible.

Really? there might be one in London! oh god i hope so i only live an hour away! what sort of date (ege month) do you think they will be relising premire info?

So i am confused here, do we actually knw how they are doing the tickets are is it all still gossip and hear say? Do we knw when they are going to make the final say? Is there anyone that can answer my questions instead of a bunch of people doing hear say back in forth? Please help!!!!

according to the new moon variety childrens charity recording, summit pictures has offically agreed to have a premier in knoxville. nothiing else is set. they are trying to set up a fb page and a twitter page for more info. that is it. (ticket speculations have been flying around, but nothing has been set in stone. i don't think they really know how to hamdle it. it is turning into such a huge event.) this info is straight from the actual childrens variety charity of east tn's recorded aswering machine. all but what i am speculating about the ticket situation. they just say things will be annoucent sometime in sept.hope that answers your question :)

If you call the Variety hotline, they say that show date, actors and websites should be up in 30 days- the msg I heard was from Aug 8th- so hopefully by Sept. 8th, we'll know everything. The premiere will be in November for sure, not sure which date. Everything else is speculation, but I'm pretty sure one or two of the major stations will have some tickets. As far as seeing the stars without tickets, it may be possible, but with the cars parked there, the traffic for the event and everyone waiting in line or just standing around- it's highly unlikely to see much. But still, who knows...

Do you have to have a ticket to just be at the theater to see the stars? I understand that many want to actually be inside to see the movie, but I'm more interested in being there at all. I don't mind waiting a couple of extra days to see the movie itself. It's just that things like this don't happen in our area that often, and I want to be able to be there to see the actors! I live a couple of counties west of Knoxville, and most of my family is in fact from Knoxville. My friends and I are planning to skip school that day and head up to Knoxville together to be at the premiere. So, do we need a ticket to just stand near where the stars walk in?

i am kinda wondering that too. wonder how they will handle crowd control? even without tickets people will still be able to go and try and see who they can see and i am sure that will be a massive crowd.

i know its not possible because the stars are super busy right now, but if they could do one for sponsors and one for just fans. They would make alot of charity money. They could do the lottery thing the 1st day with the sponsors and the second, nothing but wall-to-wall screaming fans and just sell the ticket!!

i agree with babs. that would be absolutely the best thing ever. having two shows! but i also agree that it would probably be impossible to organize what with the stars' busy schedule and not to mention the fact that the owner of the pinnacle theater would have to set up more dates to have just a fan only premiere.