Exclusive Interview: Taylor Lautner's Personal Trainer

Taylor Lautner has made an incredible physical transformation over the past year, gaining 30 pounds of muscle for his role as Jacob Black in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." Taylor has revealed some of his workout secrets such as going to the gym for two hours a day, five days a week and eating six meals a day. There is no doubt Taylor has worked hard for his chiseled physique and washboard abs, but there's more to the story.

Taylor's personal trainer Jordan Yuam helped him create the sexy bod we can't wait to see shirtless in “New Moon” on November 20. In a recent interview at Comic-con, Taylor confessed,

"Jordan Yuam. He's really talented. He helped me a lot with this process. He's always on set, like, shoving food in my mouth. Literally, I'd be talking to somebody and he comes up with a plate. He wakes me up in the morning. He's like, 'Take this protein shake.' I'm like, 'I'm sleeping.' Yeah, I have a lot of people to thank."

Taylor Lautner Daily exclusively interviewed Jordan Yuam of Jordan's Virtual Fit Club. Jordan explains his workout techniques and even reveals how a girl can impress a guy like Taylor Lautner!

TL Daily: I read on your website that you have over 20 years experience. How did you get your start in personal training?

Yuam: I hired a trainer at a local gym in 1985, and he hurt my shoulder. I rehabbed with two other trainers who really seemed to know what they were doing. I also realized that good trainers are hard to find, and this is how I became interested in becoming a trainer. I asked them if I could work there, but I was too young. So I worked for two summers
cleaning and picking up trash, and observed their training techniques as much as I could. Because of my hard work and dedication, the two trainers paid for my certification. I studied with them for two years, and that's how I began my start as a personal trainer.

Jordan Yuam trains Taylor Lautner on the set of "New Moon"

TL Daily: I've also read that the exercise techniques you use are not common in the fitness industry. Will you explain how your techniques differ from traditional training methods?

Yuam: I use a technique called load under tension, and body torso adjustments under load, and it's a system that utilizes finesse to contract the primary muscles disregarding stabilizers and secondary muscles. It's a unique approach that is not common.

TL Daily: How large of a role does diet play in an exercise program?

Yuam: Diet is 85% of your success. If you go to Baskin Robbins and you do 5000 crunches, you will still have a balloon stomach.

TL Daily: You provide a meal plan in your Let's Talk Food article on your website. Will this diet work for everyone?

Yuam: That diet is specifically designed for hard gainers specifically tailored to body builders, not for weight loss.

Taylor Lautner workout in Los Angeles

TL Daily: Most of my readers are woman. What exercises do you recommend for girls who want to impress a guy like Taylor?

Yuam: People like Taylor don't care about the outside, they care about the inside. To impress a guy like Taylor, be yourself and make him laugh.

To learn more about Jordan Yuam, nutrition, fitness or personal training, you may send an email to help@jordansvirtualfitclub.com.

Update 11-21-2009:

Jordan Yuam and Taylor Lautner were interviewed by Men's Health Magazine for its December 2009 issue. Yuam reveals the details of Taylor's workout and diet plan used, and you should pick up a copy of this issue for full workout details!



Great interview (:
And I loved the last answer !!♥

Taylor just proved one thing in the interview, no pain no gain. I really like how his body transformed in the twilight series. He deserves the character, Jacob. His Brute running shoes is also love.

Nice site , i like it , it's my 1st time here.Now i know what to do when i see Taylor at the New Moon premier at Hollywood.Make him laugh and i'm always myself.I make people around me laugh and i never try to be someone i'm not.

haha your a loser.


Great interview! How on earth did you get to interview him???

I just asked!

I loved this interview. I would love to interview his MOM! even if its just by email or whatever. Do you have a reliable contact for them? That's not a fan site?

I want to put it on my site which you can check out and I'm also a member and commentator on New Moon Movie.org. another great place to post the interview...I'll even share it with you! Thanks for whatever help you can give!

** I had to change my screen name at the last minute here....someone else is using it!! LOL

what's the personal trainer's website ?

I looked him up in Google...it's http://www.jordansvirtualfitclub.com/

Hey TL Daily, just to inform you I posted your interview on my fansite and linked you back already. :)

Thanks so much!

Thanks for doing this interview. I'm constantly trying to explain to the fans what a huge deal his transformation is! It was a tremendous sacrafice for a teenage boy to make.
Taylor is extremely dedicated and obviously knows what he wants!! He will reap the rewards as this movie becomes wildly successful (even more so than Twilight) He's handled everything like a pro so far! I hope everything continues well for him. would love to hear more about the daily routine...some his funniest training moments...some of the TADA! moments! and what his mom is saying about all this! LOL

oh snap! this confirms all my suspicions - that last comment, about Taylor caring more about insides than out.. DAMMIT! He has got to be the perfect young man! granted he can choose to be fussy about personality since there are millions of gorgeous women throwing themselves at him, but it is still refreshing to hear he's not just going to pick the "hottest" one!! LOL. Looks like his days of women adoring him are just beginning!!

hey TL daily does taylor know about this site and if he did would he write back to his caring fans????

I don't know for sure if Taylor knows about this site, but I think he does. We did an interview with his personal trainer, so I'm assuming Jordan would mention it to him eventually!

I'm working on getting his fan letters to him... We'll see if it works out.

If you sent him a letter using the address to send him a proper letter would he write back?????

sry random wuz mi i didnt log in

i love u taylor lauter. i can't to see u again in new moon.

i can't wait to see u again in new moon.

Aw the last answer was so cute:]
it officially seals the deal on how awesomely amazing Taylor is!
Too bad he doesn't come around NC, I'd love to meet him!:]

hey everyone...i like this interview...Taylor is awesome! I think when you are with Taylor you can't be yourself...because you want to impress him...and you are always try to be someone else...(sorry for my English :S)

Hey, nice interview you had with Taylor Lautner. I was expecting more of his workout secrets so that i could apply those in my workout training. But overall it was good.

Taylor Lautner is so sweet, and who would know some of the things he likes besides his trainer. I like him already just by assocation.(smile) Jordan Yuam am going to remember that name.

I am impress with his physique change but anyone can really make his transformation with the proper diet and right knowledge. Keep in mind that these guys have access to as much food they want and as much supplements (whey protien, creatine, N.O) and on top of that a personal trainer. The average joe can probably make the same transformation its just we arent lucky enough to have the access they do. But still amazing transformation this guy is going places after he is done filming the series :]

Only another guy would make a comment like that. I don't really believe that ANYONE can make these kind of physical transformations. Because afterwards you named everything that it takes to do it, including the personal trainer. That by itself changes from anyone to someone who is determined. Besides the interview was about the trainer and I salute him for his efforts and hard work. It showed later on Taylor Lautner thanks Yuam!

whats jordans website? i wanna c his lets talk food article.

Nice site and a great article. My wife is a huge fan of this movie, I really haven't cared for it but now we have a little muscle in the mix I might have to catch it when it comes out. Props to Taylor and his hard work. Being a Oklahoma city personal trainer I have a new respect for his work.

Sweet site! Taylor is ripped!

o wow nice interview um hey can u pretty much for me ask taylors trainer if he would ever train someone from florida who still has the baby weight to get rid of i mean i used to be fit was eating salads,talapia,& drinking water & used to do 20 reps of crunches on my stomach 10 to 15 reps of butterflys ect on my arms same w/ lunges on legs & like my rutine would start out like this i would hit the gym start on cardio then do my reps then come home eat my food & sleep

so if u can ask him if he would not mind training me cause i had a trainer before but now i dont

i want not a bulky phiseque but just a lil toned

i want my reps to be in the 10 15 or 20 range & know what type foods to eat
but his advice would not hurt


dear Jordan ,
was an awesome interview please do another soon.
hey Jordan im on the jump rope team at school and lost some weight like i slimd out but i the scale numbers keep going up whats going on?
[p.s. tell taylor i said hi and he is a really good actor]

Jordan seems to be a great personal trainer. I really enjoy the principles he uses in designing workout routines for hard gainers. He really knows how to help you get stronger and pack on the muscle mass.

Loved the last answer. Wow, I couldn't stand getting food shoved in my mouth, espeacially when I'm sleeping. Taylor really derserves credit - well done Taylor.

The Dude has good genetics and the right body type to reach his goal, i dont believe he gained 30 pounds i think that is publicity stunt but i believe 15 pounds,

I Know how the human body works and functions regarding to Hormones, Nutrition, And how the brain workd mentally and the effects to the brain of exercise.

He obviosly did calisthenics which gets you more ripped then weights but also weights to add an outter tone to his muscles, He did not use creatine he most likely used %100 Optimum nutrition Whey protein as it is the best

Any body with the right body shape can have a body like this,

Good job Taylor, lean and great shape

U e cute.

That last answer is a lie. We think a girl or guy is hot because of the sexual attraction on the outside before the inside.

ai ele é muito gato adoro ele