Gimme My 6" Taylor Lautner Cardboard Cutout Please!

Add this to your Taylor Lautner collection—a cardboard cutout of Taylor that stands 6 feet tall. A group of ladies were toting around a similar cutout of Rob Pattinson at a recent Twicon convention. It's about time there's one available of Tay.

I would buy this in a second except it's only available in Britain and North Ireland. BOOOOO! Those of you lucky enough to live in said countries, buy your Taylor standup via

Source: Thinking of Rob

Taylor Cardboard Standee All


Grrr I want one of Taylor!!! Now I wanna be in Britain so I can get one! I'd keep it by my bed so I can look at him before I go to sleep!

By the way, I think they should have one of Kellan, too. Just sayin....

I saw the Taylor cut out yesterday at FYE, NY

they have them at nordstrom too... it goes with their New Moon line..

You can get your twilight standups at

if you still you want a taylor cut out i can tell you where you cant get one at fye had one so i bought it and now i have one it looks good

You creep. He's my cousin.

They need one of Kellan and Jackson!!!

where is the damn shirtless cardboard cutout???? plus I dont live in Britain.. doh!

We need a company in the US to provide that for us!

i know right they need to sell them in the friken usa

okay 1st there better b one available in the US soon!
and 2nd-i soooooo agree about the shirtless standup!!!!! :)

If the U.S. does not get this.. I swear I'm going to have to go to Nordstrom to freakin steal those shirtless standups of Jacob and the wolf pack... I kid you not...*says in smeagol voice* ME WANNTTSSS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSS

Okay now I sound like a pedophile cause I'm still older than him by 4 years hahahaha...

but seriously.. I want that cutout! XD


its okay im 4 yrs older than him too! *fist bump*

and 4 yrs isnt that bad! i never feel guilty lusting after him lol. i hear he likes older women too ;)

besides other women lust after him too! 30-40 yr olds! /facepalm/

Aw too bad:(
i want one!
i saw one of Rob in a store at the mall that you could buy, but i cant exactly remember waht store it was.
oh well, I guess we dont always get what we want...

Those are totally neat, and kind of silly (in a good way) but if I ever got one, than I would really feel like an obsessed crazed fan! aha. I mean I like him, but.. I draw the line lololol :)!!

Wouldn't want anyone to have a cardboard cutout of me! :P

I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!! lol i noe i sound liek a four year old, but i neeeeeeeeeeed one! i will pass out for screaming "i need one" to my mom! lol....y cant they be available in canada....nothings ever available in canada :@ make them available in teh states at least!!

i so would steal a cardboard cutout of Jacob from a store!
but i don't know a store that has one. (sad face) :(
please...if you know a store in Georgia that has one...let me know!! PLEASE!!! i don't care if i'm 2 years younger than him. hey, at least i'm not 4 years older than him.

i'm gonna steal one so i could stick him to my ceiling so i could sleep good at night( if you noe what i mean.)

Sigh. Me and my friend were joking one day about having a cardboard cut-out of him, and there really is one? Why can't they have them in The US they would make a lot of money off of them, I bet. Although it would be kind of wierd... you would seem really obsessed...not that I'm saying that I wouldn't get one =D

I'm so jealous! Except it's not only available over there. I just saw a picture on Facebook of someone with one of these! I want one NOW! =]

LIARSSSSS...I just saw it here in New York like 4 hours ago...and guess what it is right here next to me!!! under juniors then under new moon you can buy one for $33, its expensive but its the only place i know where you can buy one

der shld b 1 of im' shirtless. Gud enuf i liv i Norten Irland ^ I soo need 1,.*

Omg!!! I went to see New Moon Taylor is so......beutiful! I screemed and right away i wanted a cut out of him! Plzzzzzz..........

Im soooo mad!! I saw one at FYE last week and I wanted to get one for my friend but i didnt have time then so i went back today to get it and there were NONE!!!! It makes me mad that gift would have been perfect!

hi, if u live in other countries you can get the cut outs on they have all the twilight cast! not 100% sure they post to us ect but worth a look

i have one of him my mom got it from fye but you might be able to get them from nordstrom so check those places.


omg he is soo freakin hot