Taylor Lautner Twitter, MySpace, Facebook: Are You Following A Fake?

This article about Taylor Lautner Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts was created because I'm really tired of people getting fooled by posers. Innocent and well-meaning Taylor fans are being tricked. It gets on my nerves, it's wrong and these fakers are committing fraud.

If you are knowingly following a fake Taylor, that's fine by me. But if you suspect you are following a poser, continue reading.

Taylor Lautner's Official MySpace: TDL06

His official MySpace page is tdl06, which is set to private and is rarely updated.

This MySpace was confirmed on his official website at taylorlautner.com. This site has been down for a while, and I’m assuming it’s undergoing a redesign.

Taylor does NOT have a Twitter

Taylor did admit to opening a Twitter account recently in this video, but his user ID has not been announced or confirmed. Until then, assume all Twitter accounts are fake.

Official Twilight Cast Twitter Accounts

The Twilight Examiner, a reliable Twilight news source, has confirmed a list of official Twilight cast Twitter accounts here.

Taylor does NOT have a Facebook

Taylor does not have a Facebook account. You should assume that all Facebook accounts are fake.

Running list of fake Taylor Lautner Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts

This is only a small list of the hundreds of fake Taylor Twitter and MySpace accounts that exist. If you know of a really bad fake that is fooling thousands of people, please email me and I will add it to the list.

Last updated: 12/15/2009

Fake Twitter Follows official
Twilight cast
Points to Fake MySpace Comments
@OfficialTL ? - follows 1,337 people None This one is the worst faker of them all and has been around for a very long time. This person has recently changed his story, claiming to be the “official” fan page. This faker started out as a Taylor poser and is now lying to you again by claiming to be an “official fan page.” You are not official unless Taylor and his reps say you are. More details at TruthTweet.
@TDL09 No Yes Used to point to a fake myspace, but now points to Taylor’s official myspace. This faker became a little wiser, but still a poser! Verified by TruthTweet.
@Lautner__Taylor No Yes - launterakajacobblack Fake MySpace speaks for itself. Update: 10/13/09 This poser has now protected his tweets after I called him out. FAKE!
@Lautner_Taylor ? - following 1,074 people No Questionable and probably fake. Why would the real Taylor follow so many people?
@taylorlautner No None Following a fake Ashley Greene @ashleygreene
@TayLautner No None Only tweet is “New to Twitter” and has never been confirmed. Not enough info to judge whether it’s fake, but I would assume it’s fake until proven otherwise.
@Taylor_Lautner No None Follows a fake Nikki Reed @NikNikRead
@TaylorxLautner A couple Yes - ibetaylorlautner Follows a fake Selena Gomez @RealSelenaaG and fake Taylor Lautner @OfficialTL. WTF?!
@LautnerDTaylor No Yes - lautnerdtaylor Follows 2 fake Kristen Stewart twitters @KristenxStewart and @KriisStewart_
Follows a fake Selena Gomez @ selgbell (c’mon really?)
@mrlautner No None Doesn't follow any Twilight cast members official Twitter. Probably a poser.
@TaylorrLautner No None Follows a fake Jackson Rathbone @MrRathbone
@OnlyLautner No Yes - 448378067 Fake MySpace speaks for itself.
@taydannylautner No Yes - taydannylautner Fake MySpace speaks for itself.
@TLautner16 No None Doesn't follow any Twilight cast members official Twitter. Probably a poser.
@ImTaylorLautner No None Follows a fake Jackson Rathbone @MrRathbone and fake Robert Pattinson @_RobPattinson_
@OfficialTL92 No None Tweeted "Everyone follow @Rob_Pattison 11:57 PM Jun 4th from web" First of all Rob doesn't have a Twitter and second of all, Rob's last name is spelled Pattinson.

Fake Taylor Lautner Facebook Accounts

I do not have a long list of fake Facebook accounts yet, but please email me if you know of one.

Fake Facebook Points to Fake Twitter Comments
Taylor Daniel L Yes - @LautnerDTaylor facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000185944038 <= Fake, pointing to a fake, pointing to a fake.
Taylor Daniel Lautners ? facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000245872073

A big thank you to everyone who helped me compile this list!!!



Holy Jesus! That's a lot of fakes!!!!

"Follows a fake Selena Gomez @RealSelenaaG and fake Taylor Lautner @OfficialTL. WTF?!" <-- hahaha.. wtf??? Follows fake selena and his fake 'fake' self! LMAO...
That's just funny!

Thank you so much for putting this on here! I swear I have to tell SO many girls on twitter that they're following fake Tays! Hopefully this clears up the mess!!! =]

People really want to believe they are following the real Taylor. After all, he's a total cutie and who wouldn't want to chat with him. But I wouldn't want to get played, know what I mean?

Yup. I just dont get why fans themselves pretend to be them.. its kind of creepy LOL

I just find fans who say that/ put up account that they are Taylor is just irritating...:(

Yh i was talking to a fake Taylor who kept saying he was gay and stuff but he was fake thank god!


Lautnertv is i think a fake

Taylor Lautner. He is Sexyy and Gours. and he is not a FAKE !!
And if you think he is a fake why are you even apart of this club thing?

they aren't saying that Taylor is a fake smart one, they are naming the myspace, facebook, and twitter accounts that are people claiming to be Taylor!

there saying all people on facebook and twitter are FAKES NOT HIM . k your dumb .

Wow and I really thought that was the real Taylor (myspace.com/lautnerakajacobblack) but I guess he's a poser after all, im heartbroken...WELL time for me to spread the news!

Why are you girls so hung up in this guy ? I love u, i love u like what is that you dont even know him. Dont get me wrong who wouldnt want to chit chat or go for dinner with the star ( i would love that ) ... And looks most definatly are not everything they are just a bonus after all if ur not perfect then why strive for the perfect someone .... Iv'e dated a couple good looking guys do they treat us any better then someone that isn't as gorgeous as Lautner ( no offence ) ? In my experince its the same.. it should be about how you feel and how they make you feel as a person (L)

This is his real Myspace the one that was posted from his website. www.myspace.com/tdl06 and is set to private. He hasn't been there since 8/30 so it may take a while for him to add you as a friend. And althought it is cool that he most likely will add you as a friend. The site itself hasn't been updated in over a year. You get more information from fan sites like this one. he may realize that and just let you guys do the updates. lol He realy doesn't have the time. Which is totaly understandable. I write him maybe once every 3 months not ever expecting a reply. He claims he reads all his mail and I have no reason to believe he doesn't. Don't hound the guy show respect keep letters short, wish him well and don't expect replies.
I'm so glad you are making a list of frauds too. It's a shame people follow them on twitter thinking they are real.

i knew it...i knew it...there were too many Official Taylor Lautner to believe it so i didn't follow any of them. sorry bad english.

wow i feel bad for taylor cuz so many people wanna be him. i think that would get annoying.

I just read those combinations a little more theroughly. Pretty funny actually the one fake Taylor follow another fake Taylor.
I hope his Twitter is "TayLautner" and doesn't have to pay some jackoff to get a screen name.


i think taylor lautner is soo cute but people like him because he is cute not byy his personality.

wow i have a twitter account and i searched for Taylor Lautner but none of them are verified .
Taylor Lautner please tell us ur twitter account when u have one!
answer me too

which facebook account is fake? Taylor L Daniels? Taylor Lautner?

Okay, there is like over 500 "Taylor Lautners" on Facebook,I would've added them all to try and figure out who's a fake and try and get the accounts shut down. What if someone is acting like him and completely starts horrible things about him and attempts to ruin his sweet-boy rep and kill some fans on the way? But I don't want to sit there and add half a thousand random guys to my Facebook incase they are a threat but would love people to try and help these people get fakers shut down. Why bother being a fake? Just be yourself it's a lot easier and doesn't get you in shit.

i would presume every facebook account that pops up either in facebook or google searches are fake. you can change your settings so that you dont show up on neither of them and i'd presume thats what celebritys do as soon as they open a facebook account.

all facebook accounts seem to be fake according to Taylor videos where he says he doesn't have one.

Hey TLDaily Is This The Real Taylor Lautner?Or A poser?I talk to this girl on this website who's friends with Taylor and she said that he doesn't have a Quizilla account so is this a poser?I sorta think it is what do you think?
please reply back

completely fake, and does a poor job at posing. the picture under "My family" is the one from "My own worst enemy". that show only lasted 9 episodes, so it was kinda smart using a pic of that show and try to pass it as original, but there are many devoted fans that will identify it with just one glimpse.

I love this website it's very helpful and i love taylor!!!!!!


Hello, I would be glad if you go in once more Myspace & read my mail.
I many you faken, one do not know sometimes where one should start:)
Well, see you later bye

and i love you so much taylor lautner.

uwgh... sudah lama aku tidak merasakan indahnya jatuh cinta..... taylor sepertinya aku mencintaimu.... maukah kamu menikah denganku... mwah mwah..

does he have a facebook?

he probably has but you wont find out of it unless a personal friend of his tells him to add you, or you are a skilled hacker, because facebook has privacy settings so that you wont show up in searches or even in google searches.

That totally sucks that he has no twitter. I only have a myspace for just meeting new pwople and I have a facebook for the people that I only know and then twitter is for all the stars. I use twitter to follow all the stars and its a great way for them to tell you wats on their mind. I was just about to add a fake taylor to lol good thing I found this website. I think taylor is really hot and so is all the other wolves. I just wish he and Miley have a twitter account. I wish there was a way he would feel comfortable using twitter.

Well thankz for the info...
I am just glad that i just started to like you.....
I just started admire u in the movie new moon...
Nvr knw about u before....but after watching new moon...
Well started to knw u a bit.....
Well anyone who fake to be as you....that is suck....
Just ignore about them...

I like taylor...but....??¿
My from is Argentina , I live in La plata -Buenos Aires
I love taylor Daniel !!!¡¡¡¡

ohh!! is very late in argentiina hahaha

bye ,,see you



TaylorLofficial ... so i guess this guy is a poser too

I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER MORE THAN EVERYONE IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO TAYLOR LAUTNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you just wish you did female dog :)) hehe Tay loves me moere anyway haha

i kno of so many people who think tht imTaylorLautner is the real one...

hii ,, i'm ocha .. would you like to learn indonesian language ? i'm from indonesia .. i'm so happy if you want to learn about indonesia with me . . i'm sorry , i can't to speak english .. hehehe . . thanks for your attention . . you are little star in my heart . .

Wow!! It's so important this information!!, a lot of people thinks that you made these websites. Thanks! I already added u on myspace, Blessings to you

Thanks for this. I was following one of the Twitters you listed as a fake (LautnerDTaylor). I don't understand why someone would want to fake us out like that. I guess some people just have too much time on their hands.

omg! all this time i thought that i was following taylor on facebook!
it shows how many people need to get a life and find something else to do in their spae time other than try to pretend they are a celeb.
some fans go too far!
there are about 500 people on facebook claiming to be taylor and it really annoys me!

yup. they shld gt a lyfe n stop pretending

Whoa. I followed one of those twitter fakes before. That twitter who follows 'fake' self and fake selena gomez is hilarious!. Wahahahah. :))

Whoa. I followed one of those twitter fakes before. That twitter who follows 'fake' self and fake selena gomez is hilarious!. Wahahahah. :))

just leave taylor alone people

I teach at a hospital and my student loves Taylor. She has a childhood cancer and I would love to have something signed from Taylor for her. Any Information??