Taylor Lautner Teen Vogue HQ Magazine Scans

Taylor Lautner is the cover boy for Teen Vogue magazines's Young Hollywood edition for October 2009. Last week we were teased with 17 behind-the-scenes photos of Taylor shot by celebrity photographer Bruce Weber.

I picked up my copy today and added super high quality scans in the Teen Vogue October 2009 gallery. It even includes our favorite picture of a dirty Taylor. Check them out now!



i got the magazine with the cover of the first picture!!!!!!!
I love u Tay Tay

(tehe i got first comment)

ohmyygosh!! i went out and bought this right after school was out. i almost went crazy counting down the dayss til it came out. he is so freakin cuute! i wish more boys looked lik him! seriouslyy tho, how hard is it to get an 8-pack?? lol (=

oh and did i mention, he sooooo ttly needs to be on the cover of seventeen mag. i would buy it. fo rreal.

LOL-- I almost bought the magazine today.. but after I saw it was the same pictures that were released online I was like 'nah...' I'll save my money.. I can always just print the pictures if I really want them LOL.

But I do like the one of Taylor in the car... lol he looks like a lil' pimp. LOL!

The pic of him making kissy lips at the puppy has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen <3

i agree. if that were a posterr, i would buyy it!!

Someone hand me a napkin 'cause I'm starting to drool.

LOL. Drooling seems to be a problem around here, too.

this isnt about the magazine but i thought it was really AWESOME some corn field in utah did their corn field design in JACOB BLACK and has the NEW MOON date and everything look it up u will really love it

This was a really good shoot. Bruce Weber! Congradulations Taylor. I wonder if he had any aprehensions going in knowing that Weber has been famous for all those scantally clad lads of AF? Not even one shirtless shot, they are keeping the wraps on his bod like it would be revieling Darth Vader's face before ROTJ came out. I don't see what the big deal is.

He is so cute he was like I'm wearing dolce jeans dolce jacket and
dolce shoes soooooo cute awwwww

to meet him one day would be like sooo kool, he is soooooooooooooo hot, omg i love taylor, im an obssesed fan

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