30 Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Dinner Date Pictures

It seems like Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift have been spending quite a bit of time together ever since Lautner finished filming "Eclipse" in Vancouver.

The very next day after Tay returned to Los Angeles, Taylor squared watched the Jackets vs. Kings hockey game. They were spotted together again on October 28 for some shopping at Alice & Olivia before having dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Taylor's favorite food is steak after all.

Not only that, Taylor is driving a sweet new ride—a white Audi R8. He's known to drive a black BMW 5 series, but did he get a new car? Or could he be driving Swift's car? Swift fans, do you know if this is her car?

Ellen DeGenerous asked Swift about her hockey date and she told Ellen, "I really like hockey a lot and it turns out, so does he."

Do you think Taylor and Taylor are dating?

30 full-size pictures in the Shopping and Dinner Date gallery.

Pictures via SCOTT/RADCLIFFE/LOMELI/bauergriffinonline.com



to be honest, i think they might be heading that way, but im not realy glad about the fact. Considering selena and taylor swift (as well as taylor lautner) are such good friends, i think it would be pretty direspectful for them both to do that to selena, even if she seems ok with it. and this is coming from someone who doesnt like anything at all that has been touched by disney, unless it's animated, so dont think im just jumping to selenas defence because im a groupie of hers. because im truly not. I just dont believe friends should date another friends ex, no matter what. Its cruel, and thats going to be BOTH taylors fault if they do, not just swifts.

Selena was one thing, but i saw ellens recent interview with taylor swift, and my honest opinion was that she didnt really seem to have much between her ears, sadly. also, it seemed a little that she was being overly theatrical in playing up the cuteness and shyness when asked about TL. the laughing was definately overdone. All things considered, id be happier if he dated someone.... ah this is gonna sound nasty, but id be happier if he dated someone who seemed like she could hold an intelligent conversation, something swift seems to lack. but then, thats just my opinion. maybe i could have just gotten a bad first impression of her on that show. ;-)

end of the day, its what makes them both happy. :-) but this is just my opinion.

I completely agree with you. The laughing was over done and she could've AT LEAST said something smart. Also, with the Selena and TaySwift sharing "boys". If they are friends then that's okay. Doesn't break the rule. BUT when they go on dates, that's just not loyal girl code. I think Taylor Lautner would be better off with an intelligent girl, preferably someone not famous. Whoever makes him happy.

Did you see the entire Ellen interview.Especially the part where she talked about President Obama and Stevie Wonder?

I thought Taylor Swift came across as a deep thinking person and the giggling over the kiss with Lautner was to compensate for the heaviness of the segment just before(where she talked about the Presidential elections).

Speaking as a Taylor Swift fan, a large part of her popularity is because she's famous for being wise beyond her years and being sensible and down-to-earth.

Ironically, a lot of Swift fans oppose any rumored link to Lautner cos' they think he's too immature for Taylor Swift.

hhmmm.... ok, originally didnt think she was the smartest thing on the block after seeing the ellen video. but i youtubed her and watched a couple more interviews with her on various subjects and in fairness, i think perhaps she just didnt shine in the ellen interview, as in her other interviews, she came across as being very courteous and polite, and she made some goos points about what she was being asked. so im getting a better impression of her, definately. the age gap is odd, but if it doesnt bother them, thats what really matters. ;-)

lol, three comments, this is overdoing it! just shall finish off with ...im TRYING to like her. she DID come across as being a bit of a bimbo on Ellen, and im still not a fan of hers really. but she seems nice (enough), so even though i think TL could do better, whichever way this goes, i wont complain....too much. ;-)

JCB, i think were thinking along the same lines, as i do agree. I'll try to give her the benefit of the doubt though.

I like Taylor Swift and i love Taylor Lautner but i don't like the idea of them going out i think Taylor Lautner can do better and i agree with JCB if Selena and Taylor Swift r friends Taylor Swift should not be going out on dates with Taylor Lautner
Well thats just my opinion :)
O. and whoever car dat is its a nice car but i prefer a Camaro by Chevy just giving my opinion

Idk. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. I personally think that they would look great as a couple. I still like him and Selena as well. But whoevers car is that, either if its Taylor L's or Taylor S's. I love it! I love Audi's =) lol

IF Taylor2 is dating --good for them!
If they are just friends good for them!
Taylor is 17 and Taylor is (19)? At those ages you are supposed to be dating a variety of people.
Selena's said she thinks Taylor's a great guy. Leave Selena out of it.
His fellow cast members have said he's a wonderfully sweet, gentlemanly guy with a huge heart.
Everybody from Ellen to P!nk can't say enough wonderful, complimentary things regarding Taylor "Swifty"! It sounds like these 2 people are so similar in nature, why shouldn't they date, be friends, etc.?

Guys, everybody is entitled to be happy.
What's the big fat hairy deal?

Definately agree, they are young, good friends whom seem to have a lot in common why not date. And as for Gomez & TL were they ever really serious? Are Tay2 really serious? Probbaly not. But that's why it's called dating. They can play plenty of tonsil hockey together all they want.

This also could be him finally getting free time to himself a break from filming maybe a distraction. I don't think we'll be seeing to much in the way of celebritty/fan recognition from Myspace or Twitter unless it's from her. He looks pre-occupied.

Also I look at these pictures, the fancy car the glamorous trophy girl and can't help but think... I have nothing in common with this guy.

In response to your last comment: WHERE IS THE SELF LOVE?!
Come on! Go easy on yourself!

I love your witty, sometimes snarky commentary you post here at TLDaily.
Not everybody possesses the GIFT of snark and insight mixed with a dash of sarcasm is a rarity.

It's not a "flash car" or a "trophy girl" that make the guy; It's what's inside the guy, his true heart and soul.

There's someone for everyone--just sounds like you haven't met your "other-half" yet. Give it time, it'll happen

Yours Truly in Mischief,

Hey thanks, I try my best to offer politacally correct comments. I never try to attack anyones opinion. And if you get to know me you'll learn to never take mine seriously. Becuase I've always lived on the edge of Saterical.

But back to topic: I kind of know how you ladies must feel that are so jealous of Swift. She basically is taking Taylors affections and in a sense taking all of his attention as well. Which apparently has occupied all of his free time. They have been seen together almost every day. Where does that leave his relationship with his "collective fans"? on the outside looking in. You have to feel happy for him though, I know my first love took all of my affections and free time,...and my TV, and My Bed, not mention the blue safire ring TO GO WITH HER FAKE BLOND HAIR...sorry I was making a point in there somewhere.

The point i guess is fans should support Taylor in everything he does barring any illigalarity of course. I'm not going to help him rob a 7-11.


about Taylor Swift:
i personally think that she's not just a very down-to-earth person, but she's one intelligent lady...
her talking about that whole Obama/Stevie Wonder thing on Ellen was just one of the various ways she had shown intelligence... she's this type of person who - in my opinion - shows her intelligence and feelings more freely through songwriting...

about the whole Taylor-squared thing:
as a fan of both Taylors, i like seeing them together. but yes, i'd agree that it's kind of "awkward" that Lautner's now going out with the BFF of the girl he used to date back earlier this year...
but for me, as long as everything's going well with these 3 people's "friendship", i'm ok with it...
all three of them look happy with their current life... and i'm happy for them for that.

and another thing:
no matter what their age difference is, i don't mind that AT ALL.
whether they're dating or just really good friends, i don't mind that either.
Swift and Lautner are two great persons. period.

Ditto that! Nicely said.

I do not like it ... Lautner of these meetings with the Swift!
hopefully they will not Making products dating, because I do not like it! :(

Anyone notice Taylor's (Lautner) RED PURSE? Haha maybe its a gift for his mama or sister? LOL that stood out to me. Taylor² looks weird together, but if they're happy then whatever

It is his car btw I saw it posted on another site. $150,000 Twilight must have been very good to him.

i am a super taylor lautner´s fan....
i am from of brazil...
you have very changes of he i don´t have anythings..
i speek ingles very less...
But i´m studyng for one day i meet he...
i liked this news..

every one is right they got alot in common,they look super cute together then wats the prob...... give it a chance we all know you guys still have feelings for each other so why not do it. But if they are not feeling well together its alryt atleast they should be BFFS cause seeing them together makes my heart warm up not only as a couple,but as friends too.So go on laugh,smile & have fun together as long as my 2 fav...taylors are happy with their lives that makes me swell So,good luck with your life,& may manny more happiness come forward love your largest fan dhara vaida