Taylor Lautner Xtreme Martial Arts Visit

Taylor Lautner was spotted leaving Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA) in Los Angeles before grabbing lunch with a friend at The Grill on October 27, 2009. Taylor trained for many years with XMA's founder Mike Chat, a seven-time World Forms & Weapons Champion.

The red baseball cap Taylor is holding (and has been seen wearing) has the XMA logo on it. I wonder if something special is in the works between Taylor and XMA! Hmmm....

Mike Chat is standing in the doorway behind Taylor and his lunch buddy in pictures 8-10. I've also added a photo of the inside of XMA's facility, which is pretty bad ass! Can you imagine Taylor doing some crazy moves in there? Wow!

Full-size pictures in the XMA Lunch gallery.

Pictures via SCOTT/RADCLIFFE/bauergriffinonline.com



I don't think Taylor ever broke ties with the XMA-I remember reading that he had to make a choice.he "retired" from competing and focused on his acting. If you get a chance you should check out youtube and see some of the AMAZING weapons (Bo staff)/forms Taylor competed with. He was fast as lighting, brought his game face and was about 11-12 at the time.
Here are 2 videos.
The 1st features Taylor working the Bo Staff in a weapons form.

2nd features Taylor in open forms in 2003 representing Team XMA.

As a martial artist myself I can truly appreciate all the time,effort and dedication that Taylor has transfered from one aspect of his life to his acting. He seems to be the type of guy who gives 110% of his energy to whatever he's doing at the time. What more can you ask for?! Go Taylor ;)

so azcal do u thunk taytay is still training on the side while still doing his acting??

he looks amazing xxx

...I'd say yes. I don't think Taylor has ever stopped training. From all that I've read he was very seriously involved with his martial arts training and also, I've seen video of him teaching/demonstrating the Bo Staff.

If you are going to teach- you have to have mad love for your martial arts style.

If you are going to train as a student-- you have to enjoy learning, striving and pushing yourself because the journey never ends.

For that reason I'd wager that Taylor has never stopped training. I think it may have taken a backseat to his acting career but I think he's formed bonds with his Sensei(s)(teachers)and fellow students that keep him connected to that particular dojo(school).

If you look at how determined he was to bring the physicality and sheer mass/size to Jacob for New Moon you can't help but recognize that he channeled all the fire and energy (he put into his martial arts) into his role. He set a goal and worked his a** off for it. It's the same thing he had to do to learn a new form/weapon or advancement in belt rank...you wouldn't believe how valuable a lesson it is in life.
I can't speak for Taylor-- but, if he loves his martial arts style as much as I love mine (Kempo Jutsu-Kai), I can't imagine him not maintaining some connection.

Those were the first two TouTube videos I saw of him way back in the day. After I saw SB&LG, I was like wait a minut did I just see him do that? And those confirmed and sealed the deal I had a new favorite cellebrity.

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