Spotted: Taylor Lautner Visits Taylor Swift At Music Video Shoot

Ever since Taylor Lautner wrapped "The Twiligt Saga: Eclipse" filming in Vancouver, he's been spotted with Taylor Swift almost everyday! He returned to his home in Los Angeles on October 24, and watched a hockey game with Swift the very next day.

Taylor then visits Taylor on the set of her music video shoot at the Forum on October 26 in Ingelwood, CA. Afterward Taylor Squared dines with Swift's mom at the Bistro Garden in Studio City. (Pictures below)

Two days later the duo was spotted shopping at Alice and Olivia before having dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. They have been spending quite a lot of time together! Hmmm....

Full-size pictures of Taylor's music video set visit in the gallery.




Ok really now? He goes out to dinner with her and her mom (?). Then he goes to her video photo shoot? Ok so either they are really, really, really good friends.. Or they are dating. This is got me thinking. I don't want to think it! But it's got me thinking that they may be a couple. *cries* Dang it! He's not single anymore! lol =] haha kidding. If they ARE dating, I would be very happy for them. I love them both =)
(Love Taylor Daniel Lautner more =])

ohh no!! now it's so obvious that they are more than friends!! your friends don't hove dinner with your mum!! :( i think this confirmes they are dating doesn't it?? :/ well, i think i'm happy for them...

Yes. Definitely dating. You know what convinced me? Every date that they've had all week, Taylor S. has worn the same pair of brown, flat-heeled boots. I am guessing this is so she doesn't appear taller than TL. If they were just friends, she wouldn't care. It's all in the details!

(I'm not usually so observant, but I noticed the boots immediately cos they're a little ugly and she seems to wear such pretty stuff normally.)

Yea! I noticed that too. It would suck to be taller than your date.. I have that problem as well =P

Haha, Taylors <3
I'm listening to Picture to Burn right now (:
I think i like this...
Taylor Swift + Taylor Lautner...
it's a love-hate thing for me.
They are AWESOME together, and obviously happy.
But people should REALLY lay off the rumors...
If they're dating, they'll tell you. Until then, don't be so jusdgemental.
Why can't Taylor have girl friends without people jumping to the conclusion that he's dating them. Maybe he's the kind that girls like because his personality. And maybe he doesn't just look at girls like something to screw, like some other guys. Be honest girls, (or guys like me) isn't that the kind of guy we wouldn't mind being around?
Well, anyways...before this gets too long... I hope i'm making sence
Love you both Taylors, <3
and thanks for sharing! (:
- *Tapper* xoxo

omg r te seriouslly dateing or no cause that upsets me a lil cause i seriouslly like taylor

I also visited to that hockey game with Swift, and that was the greatest chance to met him. About the dinner I think this is not any big issue.

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