Spotted: Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift at LA Hockey Game

Taylor Lautner and his new BFF Taylor Swift were spotted together on October 25, the day after Taytay flew back from Vancouver to Los Angeles. The duo watched the Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Los Angeles Kings hockey game from their primo seats at the Staples Center.

Now that Taylor Squared have been photographed together quite a few times, I feel like I should create a special Taylor and Taylor gallery. I have the feeling there will be a lot more pics to come.

Full-size pictures in the LA Hockey Game gallery.

Thanks Monika, ShaiLovesTay & abigael_d!



are they together?

They are'nt togeher, they are just doing a new movie together. Emma Rober is going to be in that movie too. I sure it wil be such a good movie (: #TeamTaylor

Im not sure , but i do know this not the only hockey they hav been to. they have also played TONGUE hockey. in a movie they're doin together. ugh i want to personaly go and murder taylor swift for kissin taylor lautner!!!!!

I don't know. You know how it is... The media will start spreading rumors first, and maybe it turns out to be true, maybe not.

Hmmm.... Interesting :) Taylor looks cold lol. I think he must want his werewolf sense right about now =P

Yay for Taylor! I mean He-Taylor not She-Taylor! Oh, hell forget it yay for both. Their beautiful people friends or not. Who wants to be alone all their lives? I didn't raise my hand.

I must say I think it's sad that they can't even go out to a hockey game without someone shoving a piece of paper in their face wanting them to sign it.

they look so adorableeeeeeeee together <33333 (:
it's kinda sad though how paparazzi will follow everyone *sigh*

im sorry but i cant agree whd u taylor n taylor arent cute togetha my ? iz for all Taylor Lautner fans. WHAT HAPPENED TO SELENA GOMEZ?

If she's going to a hockey game on a date they have to be more than just friends.
I don't think she is there because she likes hockey.

Yh I agree with abigael_3 it must be hard to
be followed everywhere and have no private
life buh that's wat they signed up for
when chose there curiers hummmm**

Love u Taylor

i LOve Taylor 2 Death! Don't Get Me Wrong..i Want 2 C HiM Happy BUT This Will Break My Heart iF Their 2Gether.!

aww these two are adorable xxx

I had a feeling these two would be hanging out more!
TaySwift at a hockey game with Tay? Hmm... girls usually don't go to these games unless they like the game... and I dont think this is her thing.. so my hypothesis is... something is going on between these two!
I say they hook up.. something tells me they have great potential together! =D

Swift doesn't strike me as a hockey kind of gal either... very suspicious!!!

its a sad day for taylor lover like myself if he is with her that means ill never have a shot at him anymore i mean look at her shes beautiful :(

Well they'd be beautiful together, but I still stand by what i've always said, if my book worked out Taylor better watch out ;-] cuz i'm a she-wolf looking for my werewolf haha, but since it hasn't yet i'd much rather him be legidimately happy with her then, with Slena Gomaz. :-/

Taylor Swift is a huge hockey fan. She's the face of the Nashville Predators and regularly attends hockey games.

So far, she's attended games with fellow country artists Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood and Demi Lovato and even gone alone.

So don't read too much into Taylor Swift being at the game with Lautner.

^^ Oh wow, good to know! I didn't know she's a hockey fan. So maybe it's just a friendly outing after all!

Wow she doesn't seem the type, I mean too proper and nice to like such a brutal sport. And being from the South I would think her more a NASCAR fan. Not too many people from the suthern hemisphere like Hockey.

Good for her. They have a big thing in common. Not too much to root for in old Michigan other than the Red Wings, Well there was that Pistons run. But I know tay likes Hockey all sports really.

I'm pretty sure she's from Pennsylvania. They probably like hockey up there. And I know they love it in Michigan. Anyway, I think they're together. I'm happy for them. :)

Oh that's right doh! My bad. I still think she is so elligant a lady to like hockey though. That just surprises me.

Taylor Swift in funny advertisement for the Nashville Predators :