Play Dress Up with Taylor Lautner!

Popular Girls Games has created this cute online Taylor Lautner Dress Up game. You can change his hair style, shirt, pants, shoes and add even add different accessories.

Some of you may ask, "Can I make Taylor shirtless?" Unfortunately the answer is no, because he looks more like the "Twilight" Jacob and not the "New Moon" Jacob. Maybe there will be a version 2.

UPDATE: The answer is yes! You can make Taylor shirtless. You just need to keep clicking, and apparently I didn't click long enough!

Check out the game at *Note - this game takes a few seconds to load and will show up once it's complete.

Taylor Dress Up Game 01



That's what's up. I'm gonna check that out! He looks sexier shirtless, hee hee! =)

You are so rite i agree 100.1%

OMG its so silly but fun! lol

btw u can actually make Tay shirtless......nd therez nothing twilight about him

What?! How do make him shirtless? I tried it, but it didn't work.

thats funny

tell me bout it lol

Can we play undress instead? :P

hahah! oh gosh... good one! agreed

LOL Cool I'm going to check it out

I have played this game before its a nice shopping and a fashion game from Taylor Lautner Dress Up i really love to play such games and i am looking for the new version of this game.

He can be shirtless, in his underwear, with long or short hair, etc. Just keep clicking through ;)

OMG you can make him almost completely naked - Taylor in underwear! *lol*

OMG i have a (almost ;)) naked Taylor Lautner on my screen!!!!!!! LMFAO!!! This is so weird but im enjoying it!

Holy Crap! That is funny!

he can also only have underwear!!


wow lol!! let the lautner mania commence

theres a taylor lautner dress up on too! clothes there look nicer i think.. and that website also has rob pattinson, kristen stewart, anna kendrick etc dress ups too! :)

Hahaha PMSL!! this is so sadd but never gets old lol Hahaha i think he should have pink boxers ;)

that is too funny! and wierdly addicting...just keep clicking through ;)

i lllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee taylor


lol that is crazy but so cool!


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